The Sundering

A thousand of years ago an ancient and sinister presence approached the Velokaian star system. Sensing the great evil from a long distance ,due to its massive aura, the Velokai began to shore up their defenses for whatever lay ahead. As it entered the edge of the system a Velokai scry-mage identified it as a Star-Spawn of Cthulhu, a huge creature, humanoid only by accident, and capable of devastating magical on a celestial scale. A concerted attempt was made by the divination school to hold him at bay mentally, which was successful for a time. After decades of psychic combat against the beast, a new star appeared in the skies. Far from the salvific omen so craved by the few Velokai who were aware of the impending threat, instead this was the harbinger of the end.

Upon consulting the Divination school, the heads of the other Velokai families learned the truth that the Augurs had hidden for so long. Further study revealed a disturbing fact about the new star on the edge of their star system: it was altering the outer planets orbit’s in mirror to the inner planets orbits creating inevitable crash courses. Finally the Star-spawn’s diabolic end game was being revealed.

The revelation sent the Velokai into a frenzy of debate on the best course of action. Upon the collision of the first pair of planets, a consensus was forced by the Abjuration school. The major cities would be enclosed in bubbles of the strongest fields their masters could form. Many died under the strain of channeling the same incantations for days on end.

In the end, due to the limited number of abjuration master and the relatively few years left, only a handful of cities were properly shielded from the devastation of impact, even fewer were adequately prepared for the secondary impacts of plantoids in the newly formed Graveyard. Those that did survive face a new set of perils, The age of the Fragments had begun.

The Sundering

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