The Extinctionists

Some hundreds of years after the Sundering, Tellonai began to decay from within. Fear clouded the minds of the brilliant augars, their visions divide into two nebulous futures for Tellonai. One held the promise of pain and struggle, the other an abrupt painless end. In their dispair the house of the Divination turned to the Abjurationists (then the most honored family)with the hope that they might being some glimmer of hope to the situation. The Master Abjurationist Zaen suggested simple, for many undeniable, opinion to summerize the possible outcomes: “A peaceful passing is preferable to a painful one.” So the Extinctionists were born.

At first they were only a few extreme individuals who committed suicide. But they quickly grew into a coherent movment urging the Council of Houses to take action to euthanize their dying civilization. To emphasize their point they began to commit suicide in public squares, libraries, council hearings scrawling their new rallying phrase “peace > pain”. This minor violence was just a prelude.

It was only a few months before Zaen took formal control of the Extinctionists. Under his leadership they gathered many to their ranks from every house. A plot began to unfold that would test the resolve of the Velokai to its’ limit. Zaen’s magi began to build an army of undead and constructs in seceret. After years of assassination the aggression escalated to civil war. Zaen and the Extinctionists began their final work. The constructs and undead (Zaen’s Horde as they were later known) were sent to assult The Basket, threatning the carefully balanced food supply of Tellonai and forcing the hand of the Council of Houses. In the ensuing battle’s casulties reached dizzying heights, though Zaen was not to be found in the frey. He and a group of master abjurationist had begun the rites that would bring the shield around Tellonai down and purge all it’s life into the void.

In the the final critical moments of the ritual and elite group of Transmutationists with their newest fabrication, the Technus, reenforced a section of the sheild that had lost integrity. Zaen never emerged to deal with the threat, he was found dead in the ritual chamber. Some say he was killed by one of his follower who lost faith, some by an assassin placed in his ranks, yet others that he killed himself when he realized the battle was lost.

The Council of Houses determined that the threat to their continued survival posed by the Abjurationists was too great and that if extinction were their wish it would be granted. The Technists were called to the task. The Abjuration House was hunted and killed babe to master. All their texts, burned and their schools razed. Other schools were spared, except for those directly involved with Extinctionist activity. The Transmutationists asceneded to power and began new civil works like The Gash ushering in a hard won peace.

The Extinctionists

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