Worlds Asunder


This is where chapter two will be recapped

Chapter 1: Xenos

Awrthyr Gentlestar was never described as savvy by anyone who wasn’t a fashionista, so it wasn’t surprising when his fool-proof plan of buying a teleportation stone from a dubious merchant to take them strait to the center of a dungeon to recover its treasure had minor flaws. One such flaw, for example, being flung across the multiverse and ending up on an utterly unknown plane. The locals greeted the party with apprehension, but, despite mutual unintelligibility, some personal space issues, and a temporary arrest the team managed to reach the Council of Divination. The Council was able to read the party’s minds and translate their language. Upon explanation that the place they were in was a shielded city in space whose residents had no knowledge of teleportation, they resigned to spend a year learning the Velokai ways. Zoka, Awrthyr, and Aerhyn chose the mental discipline while Dunin alone chose martial discipline. Final examinations went well for most, and having proved a basic level of competence they were asked to assist in an investigation of a potential Extinctionist cache of weapons.

When they arrived at the police precinct they were greeted by a decidedly grumpy Detective Kaze. After a briefing, everyone set out. The Extinctionist’s vault was warded by an illusory door, laden with several traps, and filled with a plethora of zombies, animated armor, and clockwork constructs. It turned out that this had been a hidden research base for pioneering work in point to point teleportation, a hopeful sign for everyone. A research log was recovered and given to Faer, the head of the Transmutation school thus securing the party’s favor with the ruling house. In reward for their service to the Velokai people the Faer granted the party several requests for shops to ply their crafts in the Gash.

After some rest, the party joined the Gash’s prime form of entertainment: Arena. A zero gravity clash between two teams of four for prestige. The party’s performance was notable, and an undeniable victory, thanks in great part to some fancy scarf-work.


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